I am running for Maricopa County Supervisor in District 4! It would be a great honor to continue to serve and help the fantastic people in the West Valley that I’ve served while in Congress and the State Legislature.

Debbie Lesko’s Agenda for a Strong & Safe Maricopa County

Tough on Crime

Government’s number one duty is to protect its people.  That is why I have fought against liberal Defund the Police, Soft on Crime and Open-Border policies while in the U.S. Congress and AZ State Legislature.  As your County Supervisor, I will continue to prioritize law enforcement and tough on crime policies to protect our citizens and make sure the County’s Sheriff’s Office and County Attorney’s Office have the resources they need.

Tough on Illegal Immigration

I have consistently sponsored and voted for border security legislation while in Congress and the State Legislature.  As a County Supervisor, I will fight for more resources dedicated to stopping the criminal activity that is wrought by illegal immigration.  Drug and human smuggling, sex trafficking and gang activity must be addressed.  We need more law enforcement and better tools to stop the plague of violence in our community.

Election Integrity

Election Integrity is the cornerstone of our democracy.

That is why as County Supervisor I pledge to listen to all voter concerns and work to ensure we have a smooth, fair, open, and transparent election process.

As your U.S. Congresswoman and AZ State Legislator, I sponsored and voted for legislation and supported ballot measures that require voter ID, require proof of citizenship, prohibit non-citizens from voting, and end ballot harvesting.  In Congress I voted against legislation that would have allowed states to mail ballots to non-citizens and would have required states to accept ballot harvesting.

Fiscal Responsibility

Throughout my time in the U.S. Congress and AZ State Legislature I have fought for fiscal responsibility and lower taxes.  Maricopa County is one of the few major counties in the nation that has a balanced budget with little to no debt.  I will continue to prioritize this fiscal responsibility and work to keep your Maricopa County property tax rates low.

Common-Sense Growth & Economic Development

Maricopa County is the 4th largest county in the nation and is growing every day.  As your County Supervisor I will work to ensure we continue to grow high-quality jobs and beautiful and safe neighborhoods in a way that will provide for optimum standards of living.


Taxpayers want high-quality roads that are maintained for ease of travel.  As your County Supervisor my emphasis will be on using your taxpayer dollars wisely to maintain and improve roads.

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